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Aid: To help children in China by providing financial support and create relationships and work in partnership with specific organizations, charitable programs and/or individuals in China to bring about real change and sustained improvement in the lives of children.

援助-彼岸关爱基金会以资金支持的形式, 通过和有关的慈善组织、 机构,项目或者个人建立合作, 实施具体的帮助计划,给中国的残 障,失学,贫困儿童和孤儿的生活和教育带来实质有效的帮助和改 变。

Awareness: To help inform and educate American Chinese Community about issues affecting the lives of children in China, and encourage people to participate in related activities.

了解-彼岸关爱基金会面向在美国的华人以及华人社区宣传中国残障 失学贫困儿童和孤儿的生活和教育现状,呼吁爱心人士积极参与有关 活动。

Advocacy: To offer a voice for children suffering from impoverishment, poor health and neglect, and work for their well-being and security.

支持-彼岸关爱基金会愿意成为代表广大中国残障失学贫困儿童和孤 儿的声音和管道,希望引起全社会的关注。



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